In case you are unsure, fascia is an integral part of your home which provides not only a decent amount of protection, but also make sure that your home has a great looking finish.  At least this is the intention.  Fascia is the name given to the wooden, metal or plastic trim that surrounds the top of the walls on your home and the guttering is usually mounted on or just above them.  Given their position, it should be fairly obvious that your fascia plays an important role, so ensuring that they are well looked after and in good condition is a must.  If you ever find any problems with your fascia then replacement is the way to go, but this is not really a DIY task, you need your fascia replaced by a professional to ensure the job is done well and safely.

cleaning the gutte

Soggy problems 

Over time fascia will naturally degrade as everything does, especially when it is exposed to the elements, but obviously there are other ways such things can be damaged.  Regardless of how damage might occur, there are several common issues that will arise and should be watched out for.  One of the first problems that you will probably notice is water incursion either on the inside of the wall, the outside under the paint or render or both.  This will look like a small dark mark to start with as the water gradually seeps into the brickwork and begins to penetrate the outer layers.  This can cause flaking paint, peeling wallpaper, damp patches on ceilings and in extreme circumstances crumbling render and plaster.

Unwelcome guests

The other big problem that a damaged fascia will facilitate is allowing pests a point of entry into your attic space.  This might be something small such as insects or much larger animals like birds or squirrels, but not matter what pest gets in, it is going to cause you trouble.  Insects could very well include wasps, bees and hornets or even spiders, all of which are very capable of building hives and nests in your attic and leading to expensive pest control bills.


Warning Signs

Both of these problems can be very costly to remedy if they are allowed to escalate, so it is best to try and avoid getting to a point where the problems exist in the first place.  Annual or seasonal checks on the condition of your fascia can go a long way to mitigating any issues from creeping up on you.  Whilst checking you should be on the lookout for cracks, loose segments as well as damage to the roof and guttering.  This can be taken one step further by giving your guttering a good clean out and washing and if appropriate repainting your fascia to keep it protected.  Similarly to your fascia, gutter replacement services are available if you find problems on that front, but as with most things, good maintenance is generally the key to longevity and avoiding nasty problems developing without you noticing.