Have Your Very Own Custom-Made Antique Reproduction Furniture  

No home is complete without furniture! Imagine inviting your friends over for dinner with no table and chairs! And then enjoying a glass of wine and a movie with no sofa to sit on. You’ll all be sat around cross-legged on the floor, which doesn’t sound all that appetising does it? But there’s so much more to furniture than functionality and convenience. The style and design of the furniture in your home gives you a unique opportunity to express your individuality, create a certain theme and ultimately wow your guests when they come over.

In this post we are going to look at antique reproduction furniture and the benefits of enjoying custom-made items.

1 – A Cheaper Alternative

Antique FurnitureAntique furniture is quite simply amazing. You can find some truly unique items with a rich and beautiful history which is always a great talking point with your guests, however, you’ll ultimately end up having to pay an awful lot, – and for what? An old chair that you’re too scared to sit on through fear of breaking it?

What if we could offer an alternative? What if you could get in touch with a reputable antique reproduction shop that can build you’re your own custom-made furniture that perfectly replicates your favourite antique pieces? Or better yet, you can take the style and design features from a particular item and create an even better, purpose-built item which suits your requirements better. This affords you a cheaper alternative and you’ll end up with an equally unique item of furniture at the end of it.

2 – Better Durability

Antique FurnitureAgain, while antique furniture is unique and beautiful, some pieces are incredibly old which makes it rather uncomfortable for use. You’ll constantly be stressing out about damaging the piece, rather than being able to enjoy it absent any anxiety. The great thing about having custom-made antique reproduction furniture made is that they’ll be done so with the finest and most durable materials for your peace of mind.

3 – It’s Tailored to YOU

It’s all very well owning an old seat that some old lord used to sit and smoke his pipe in, however, what would be even better is having your very own seat made for you. One that is entirely yours and yours alone, – designed to your tastes and specifications. Perhaps then, one day someone will go out of their way to pay an arm and a leg for your chair because they too have a passion for antiques.


The wonderful thing about being the designer is that you get to call all the shots. So, you can have a multi-purpose item built, or one that is designed to fit perfectly into a particular room or area in your home. When buying antique furniture you do not have this luxury and have to make the home fit around your furniture, as opposed to the other way around.