Signs You Need a Water Pipe Leak Detection Specialist

How do you know when you need a water pipe leak detection specialist? It’s quite a difficult one to determine, as often leaks can go unchecked for a long time, particularly when they’re not inside your physical property.

Of course, if you have a leak in your home, it normally shows up pretty quickly. This could be due to the fact that it’s a burst pipe which makes itself apparently by flooding your kitchen. Or perhaps the leak is coming from your toilet which can be rather easy to spot which an unusual amount of pooling around your loo. Or alternatively, it could be a leak in a pipe that’s inside your walls, in which case you’ll quickly be able to spot it from the damp gathering in the corner of your wall and turning to mould. These cases are the simplest, though of course, that doesn’t negate how frustrating and stressful they can be.

Burst Water Pipe

But what if you can’t see any visible signs of a leak? Well, in this article we’re going to explore a few tell-tale signs that you might have a leak somewhere on your property, which might prove difficult to find.

1 – Your utility bills are on the rise

Unless your water provider has otherwise stated that their rates are going up, then it would be odd for you to experience a climb in your bills. If you’ve had a member of your family or a friend living with you for a few weeks, then it wouldn’t be unusual. However, if it’s simply been business as usual, then it would come as a surprise. If that’s the case, then there’s a good chance that you have a leak somewhere on your property. In this case, you’re going to need a water pipe leak detection specialist. Your local plumber will have difficulty seeing through the ground without having to dig everything up. However, a specialist with the right technology and equipment will be able to scan your premises for leaking pipes that are otherwise concealed.

2 – Water pressure has dropped

If you’re used to having a nice and powerful shower and enjoying a steady stream of water, then it’s generally pretty easy to spot when you have a leak. If your water pressure has visibly dropped and it’s remained consistent in its weakness, then you’ve likely got a leak. Again, in this case, you’ll need to hire professionals to assist you.


If you’re feeling frustrated and confused and you can’t get to the bottom of it, find a reputable and reliable water pipe leak detection specialist such as That way you’ll be able to determine what the issue is immediately. It’s as simple as this: if there’s a leak, they will find it. Using GPR technology, they can scan your property and pinpoint precisely where the issue is. Then you can use that information to contact the relevant parties and have the issue resolved immediately.