How to effectively prepare your home for insect treatment

Now obviously we hope to everything under the sun that you never have the unfortunate pleasure of hosting any kind of insect infestation within your home and by and large, most people maintain, clean and regularly deep clean their homes to such a standard where insect infestations struggle to take hold. However, sometimes it can’t be helped either due to a sudden and unpreventable turn in the outdoor conditions or even being transmitted from another nearby property, well then it’s time to call the exterminators to come over and give your house a thorough baiting and pesticide spraying. The most common causes of people to call pest control services are in fact cockroach and termite and other insect infestations.

While your contractor will do their best in order to kill and remove as many of them as you can, there is a small amount of preparation work that is needed in order to give them the best access and chance at getting rid of your unwanted tenants for good. So let’s have a look at some of those preparations in a bit more detail.


clean house

Thoroughly clean your home prior to your pest control contractor coming around and pay extra mind to scraps of food or other edible biological matter as they can potentially become a conflict for the traps that they will set. If you are really smart and sensible about the whole thing, however, you will continue to do this step after the treatment to keep the insects away on a permanent basis.

Potential nest sites

ant nestYou need to take steps to ensure that upon their home and colony’s destruction, they have no other potential nest sites that may offer them refuge. This includes any stacks of paper products, any cages of small animals like hamsters and gerbils. This also includes any pile of trash or other items that could potentially shelter the insects from the treatments being applied.

Vacuum them down

vacuumTry your best to see if you can find not only openly but also ones that may be hidden in obscurity under the sofa, behind cupboards and other dark places.  Use a vacuum with a crevice attachment to ensure you get them in even the tightest of spaces, once you have finished vacuuming them, proceed to seal the bag with tap and immediately deposit outside your home in the outdoor trash to isolate and remove them as far from your property as realistically possible.

Make sure they have access

It’s really vital to make sure there is adequate access to all areas that are pest-ridden or where they have been seen by yourselves or others. You contractor will most likely have a list of their own places that he wants to inspect. So you need to ensure that these places are unlocked, unobstructed and cleaned to the standard we described above.


allergyIf anybody in your home suffers from a kind of allergy to anything, are particularly sensitive skinned or under the age of one then it is vital that you inform your chosen expert about this BEFORE they begin their chosen treatment as then they can advise and change their plans to suit these people and usually, they will need t0o make themselves scarce for the majority of the time. Make sure that you inform your contractor ASAP so that will give you time to make alternative arrangements.

Large appliances

Be sure to clear all surfaces in your house, including the top of the fridge, any non-fixed appliances and surfaces should also be pulled away from the wall and then cleaned both underneath and behind them, leaving them away from the wall to allow you operative best access to these areas.

After your service

Now you have finally rid of the interlopers on your property it’s time to ensure that they never come back again. Be sure to regularly scrub your floors with detergent and if you notice them start to re-appear attempt softer methods of treatment such as a spray bottle of soapy water, which when applied to the cockroach will humanely suffocate it. If the infestation is coming from a neighboring property then ensure that you contact the authorities to have them deal with the problem. Thanks for taking the time to read this, hopefully now you are armed with the knowledge you need to defeat your infestation.