Kids’ Education

Educating your children early always raises a couple of questions in a parents mind; have I started too early? Have I started too late? Am I taking the fun away from my children’s playtime? Well, to be honest, there is no set answer apart from the last point, we believe educating your children from an early stage is a fun and rewarding experience for everyone, whether you are a kid engrossed in the learning process, a proud parent watching your child develop or one of our trainers helping your child onto a better education.

At We Teach Reading we know it is crucial to develop your child both mentally and physically, the latter comes more naturally as the child grows and naturally explores their body through movement, even simple things such as crawling, walking and going upstairs automatically matures their bones, muscles and respiratory system. The former is where we come into play. We look to improve children’s cognitive abilities at the really early stages, put in place child care training programs, and put together packages to help kids get into preschools as well as providing personal tutors to help with children currently attending school.

Unlike many training companies available who offer a widespread service, we like to focus on and promote a mathematics based tuition service. We feel and consider maths to be the most important skill learned as it has the most transition into regular everyday life.

Early development

  • Number and letter recognition
  • Counting and the alphabet
  • Number songs word rhymes

kids educationNumber recognition is about understanding and identifying numbers through everyday life, we help children make the transition from knowing the number to a real-life scenario, such as, if there were two apples on the table we help them make the association to the number 2.

Counting helps children recognize there is a flow and ties in with number recognition, as there are more objects the number then increases.

Number songs are a great way to help remember the numbers and put them into a sequence.

First few years at school

  • Number and word formation
  • Spelling
  • Adding
  • Subtracting

Number formation comes about when your child starts to develop writing skills. This is a crucial part of the development because as your kids progress through school, maths will start to become increasingly harder and simple sums will need to be written to perform the task.

Adding and subtracting are the easiest calculations to perform and we feel it is best to start this early to give your children a head start and as they go from one year to the next, as this process continues the sums will become larger and calculations such as multiplying and dividing are introduced.

Advanced Tuition

highschoolWe provide more rigorous training courses for children who are making the transition from primary school to high school. For parents, this can be a very stressful time as you want your children to have the very best education. With our math courses, we look to cover all the basis for this part of the exam and give your children great tools and easy methods to remember what they have learned and related that to any question.

Having the very best teachers is important, so we look at only hiring the best not only with qualifications in the desired subject but people with great child skills and who have the correct child care training.