Reading Classes for Kids

Hello and welcome to We Teach Reading, a fun initiative to help people of all ages increase their reading ability. Reading is a fundamental skill that is needed in everyday life and needs to be honed constantly from a young age. Reading is not there just to increase your knowledge but is a major aspect of forming speech and diversifying vocabulary in children as they mature. We look to provide courses and hold lessons on a regular basis and tailor each class for specific needs. We also look to offer personal one to one lessons and private tutoring for those less confident in a group atmosphere but inevitably the end goal is to raise their confidence so they can attend weekly sessions.

Reading Tutors for Kids

reading tutorThe first area we will discuss is early learning, as this is where the foundations and initial love for reading begins. From an early age, our services aren’t necessarily needed as you as parents can do the majority of groundwork. You can start helping your child develop skills when they are just a few months old by reading to them aloud. Before a child understands a printed word they can still listen to your voice, notice images and are able to turn pages. It is when they get to the pre-school age our services come in handy and you might want to consider enlisting in one of our courses to help better prepare your kids for school. You can rest assured we have the very best when it comes to early learning tutors and teachers as we make sure they have attended the very best childcare courses on the market and have a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. With innovative games and the combination of a fun, colorful environment we plant the seed for a love of reading in years to come.

childrens booksThe next phase is where the really hard work begins, it is the transition from learning to read, to reading to learn. As children progress through school the amount of information that is given to them in text form increases substantially and I’m sure as a parent you want to best prepare your kid for any trials to come. By bringing your child to our weekly or bi-weekly classes will provide them with the confidence and skills to give them the best development moving forward. We also like to bring an element of fun for the children and each month hold a family fun day to reward all their efforts, for example, hiring a jumping castle to provide an action-packed day.